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The vision for Lobster Locations is to create a fabulous, world-class Locations Agency, showcasing the Isle of Wight and all of its potential. This is truly a marvellous opportunity for the Island. Being a film location can become part of a place’s cultural history.  Filming brings in revenue on numerous levels for local industries – from hotels and restaurants, painters, drivers, extras, retail and so much more. Lobster is committed to using Island businesses wherever possible.  As Island residents, we are committed to investing in local people and projects. This includes giving a percentage of our profits to the WightAID Foundation, which supports charitable projects on the Isle of Wight.

This is an absolutely fantastic job, it involves travelling all over the Island, meeting the most interesting people and visiting the most incredible properties. Due to the Island being relatively small, Lobster are able to offer a very personal and exclusive service, getting to know the owners and properties in depth.

We have miles of sandy beaches, hidden coves, chalk cliffs, beautiful river estuaries, and many places where you feel like you could be anywhere in the world. The Island has everything from ancient castles, stately homes, Napoleonic forts, magnificent Victorian homes to modern houses and beach huts. There are also shooting ranges, farms, warehouses, vintage and gypsy caravans, derelict cottages, offices and so much more – and all within a short travel time of each other. To top that off, the Island is also one of the sunniest places in England, and often the warmest.

There is a really strong creative movement here on the Island, and Lobster is all about bringing people and talent together. In line with this, the ‘Creatives Pod’ page show-cases the amazing people and companies we have met so far on our journey, all of whom Lobster wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


Lisa – Founder & Owner

My background encompasses over 25 years experience on all sides of the film location industry. After leaving school, I started out on-set as a Location Assistant on a BBC drama. This led me to working for one of London’s leading location agencies where I managed commercial and industrial buildings all over London, providing locations for everything from photo shoots, music videos, TV commercials and dramas, to feature films. I also have experience as a location property owner. For 15 years we hired out our own home as a location for numerous shoots for clients including Mars, Next, Disney, Sky, QVC, Coca Cola, Dove, Heathrow, and Amazon to name but a few. Great additional income!

Even though I had been an agent and knew the ropes, I always used an external agent for our own home. Agents play a number of important roles in the production process. First and foremost, we bring the work in and are continuously building our relationships with the industry. We negotiate fees, look after all the legal aspects of the filming, and are there to support property owners throughout the production. This means, in the unlikely event there is a problem, we are on your side and ready to deal with it.

Before relocating from London to the Isle of Wight permanently, I was a frequent visitor and recognised the huge potential of the Island’s many film and photographic locations. Everywhere you go, there are places that are easy to visualise being on film, or in the pages of a magazine. On top of this, the positivity and enthusiasm of the local land and property owners makes working on the Island a joy. One of my great interests is people – from meeting new contacts to bringing like-minded souls together, I’m fascinated by what makes people who they are and their stories. 

Wish you were here!

Lisa x

Rowan – Lobster Legal

Rowan is a freelance lawyer and all thing legal. Rowan has a wealth of experience having previously worked in the City and on the Island.  Rowan has written our terms, contracts and policy’s to ensure that Lobster’s clients have the best representation possible . Have a look at our Lobster Legal page for a more detailed description of all the services available.


The Others

Lobster work and collaborate on projects with numerous local people, businesses and services providers. Lobster are proud of strong working relationships with free lance film-makers, photographers, cameramen, production crew, caterers, stylists, transport etc.  We are here to help, be it a restaurant table or a crane – just shout.


"The crew have found the Isle of Wight a really pleasant place to work and I doubt that they've missed sitting in traffic jams on the M25...!"

Bill Twiston-Davies
Supervising Location Manager, "The Beast Must Die"

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Lobster Locations to any visiting Location Manager. Lisa has treated us with speed, friendliness and fairness throughout and she pulled several locations out of the hat for us. Her location owners clearly trust her and she knows a lot about the island as a whole. She's been a true ally and she makes me hope that I'll be back to film on the Isle of Wight again soon."

Bill Twiston-Davies
Supervising Location Manager, "The Beast Must Die"

"Filming on the Isle of Wight was a wonderful experience, from location owners to the IOW Council everyone was very friendly and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend the island as a filming location”

Stephen Parker
Location Manager "The Beast Must Die”

“Working with Lisa from Lobster Locations was a pleasure, she was always available and helpful, no issue was too small to receive her undivided attention. Lobster Locations are highly recommended as your first stop for filming locations on the Isle of Wight”

Stephen Parker
Location Manager "The Beast Must Die”

“Lobster Locations are a delight to work with. Attentive, knowledgeable and with an eye for detail, nothing is too much for the Lobster ladies. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa and Rowan to any production company”

Dan Prance
Senior Producer
LADbible Group

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